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What is Backflow?

The Plumbing Company offer Backflow Testing. So for those unfamiliar with this term, backflow is when unwanted, non-potable water enters the drinkable water supply. The result is polluted water that can harm your internal and external health in a number of ways, including gastrointestinal issues, disease, decreased immune system, and symptoms associated with such.

Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention methods are an extremely important part of the plumbing process in The Plumbing Company. Because of that we include backflow testing. It is a way to protect both business owners and the general community from contaminants that may infiltrate their water supply and cause ill effects if not worse.

What Causes It?

The polluted water that comes as a result of backflow typically contains chemicals from fertilizes, pharmaceuticals, or other potentially poisonous or toxic substances.

We provide the most effective way for Backflow prevention.


Backflow Testing

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention containment devices are essential for the protection of a water supply  network. So all water service connections shall be fitted with an appropriate containment backflow prevention device to provide a level of backflow protection in accordance with this policy. We encourage all those involved with plumbing and backflow installation to make themselves familiar with this policy.

Why Use Backflow Prevent For Your Commercial Building?

  • Fast, Affordable & Experienced
  • Certified Testing is the Law in Australia

The necessity of backflow testing and prevention services

It is mandatory to have backflow prevention systems checked and tested every 12 months to prevent risk of water contamination. Businesses have the responsibility to install and test their backflow prevention assemblies, and to ensure that their respective backflow device is working and well-maintained.

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